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    Gelrev Ongbico

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    they pop up like mushrooms…

    shitty scanning

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    Joao Ruas - Valkyrie ( Etching, 2013)

  5. more of that sword(?) elf

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    Stockholm-based illustrator Kilian Eng certainly loves the ’80s. With a special interest in sci-fi and surrealism, he wears his influence on his neon colored, crystallized illustrations. The Swedish graphic artist’s work is like an escape to an outer space fantasy world where vintage synthesizers provide the daily soundtrack.

    It comes as no surprise that Eng is quite prolific with artwork campaigns for like-minded alternative synth-pop musicians like M83, Caotico, Le Prix, Tesla Boy, Lazer Sword and more.

    Full article: http://goo.gl/OmTl66

    this guy is fucking sick

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  8. trying to loosen up my line work and stuff for this comic.

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    My upcoming talk at OSCON 2014 on Dart & Polymer.

    art by two-thirty

    yeah!! love to draw cute robots for tech talks

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